Sam Darby is a visual artist based in the US working within photography, design, and code. His recent work focuses on the Anthropogenic landscape though the relationship between geology and technology.

Source Material
Source Material explores the evolution that natural elements undergo due to human intervention. This evolution affects how we perceive objects within the natural world. As these raw materials become so heavily transmuted, it’s easy to forget their origins. We’re unconscious of the rocks beneath our feet that make technology possible. Source Material questions how natural processes exist within an expanding industrial framework.

The Rocks Were Warm
The Rocks Were Still Warm examines the peak sunlight season in the northern regions of Iceland. In the Summer months of June and July, Iceland can experience up to 22 hours of sunlight, leaving only a few hours of twilight a day. Like many other northern countries, this harsh sunlight impacts both the landscape and the people within it; leaving many creating ways to adapt to these extreme shifts of light. The Rocks Were Still Warm captures the vast openness of this sun-bathed region paired with its subtle and quiet moments of twilight.

Machine cut titanium, photographic transfer, Archival Pigment Print, moving strap, 9 x 13.5 in

Source Book
Welding screen, waxed thread, 4 x 5.25 in

©SamDarby, 2023
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